Kim and Sheryl Bergen-Jackson

Kim ans Sheryl live in Iowa City with their daughters, Hailey (14) and Sophie (13).  They are proud pup owners of three rescue dogs; Emmer, who is an Australian Labradoodle (4), Gracie, who is a mini schnauzer (7), and Romeo, who is a schnauzer mix (8 months).  They first became aware of Fur Fun Rescue when they saw Gracie listed online. 

Volunteering as fosters gives them an opportunity to show love and compassion to a dog while they learn to trust humans again.  It's a wonderful way for the family to help, one dog at a time.  They love Fur Fun rescue and are very pleased to be able to help.  Fur Fun at home, they love to laugh, play with the dogs, and have snow ball fights.

Austin and Tiffany Hermsen

Austin and Tiffany live and work in the Cedar Rapids area. They have two fur babies, Gigi, a 4 year old Boston Terrier rescue, and Bella, a 5 month old foster failure that is a Boston mix.  They love being foster parents and having the ability to help dogs find their furever homes. Austin and Tiffany have fostered for over five years, starting with a Boston Terrier specific rescue and now for Fur Fun. During their free time they enjoy spending time with family, traveling, and biking. 

Thomasine Neal

I am a retired Registered Nurse, living in the country. Enjoying life, attending church, veggie gardening and giving my time to helping neighbors. I grew up as an only child with all types of animals, birds, dogs, turtles. As an adult I had cats for years. I felt a calling to help my furry friends in need. So many bad pet owners and mistreated animals. I feel a sense of duty to help in whatever way I can. Volunteering has given me a good feeling that is hard to explain.

Fosters provide a temporary home for dogs before they are adopted into a Furever home. No boring kennels or drafty shelters for us!

We love ourfosters!