We didn't get to have her long. She was known as Buffy when she came to us and we named her Annie.

She was truly loved by all.

Last week she became ill and we found out she has aggressive cancer. We did our best to comfort her and care for her.

She died in my arms today.

Even though she was part of our family for a short time, she gave us so much love and happiness.

She will be very truly missed.

​​Vicki Lee

We miss Dexter so much.

He passed on October 29, 2014 on our sons 16th birthday. We think about him all the time.

I miss his snuggles and kisses.

He loved running around in the yard and barking at almost anything. He loved looking out of windows to see

what was going on.

This picture was taken right before we were leaving for vacation, he knew something was going on.

Dexter Paige Davidson


15 ½ years ago, we rescued an adorable 5 month old shih tzu puppy named Yosi. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Since then, he has been my constant companion and best little buddy through thick and thin. He has also been a great foster brother to many dogs, both large and small.

Today, Yosi went to the Rainbow Bridge where I hope to see him again someday. His health issues prevented him from having a quality life. Thank you, Yosi for being the best little dog ever!!

I will think of you and love you always.

Our memorial is in honor of Yosi,

our first rescue dog and first shih tzu. 

Kris and Pete Larson